Rates & Dates

Rates & Dates

Booking your trip early will ensure you’re ripping the pow at Backcountry Snowcats during your preferred dates. 

Trip Details

All arrival dates are based on arriving at Backcountry Snowcats in the late afternoon. Ski days start the following day. Departures follow a full day of skiing/riding. 

This season, we will continue our health best practices which may include staff or guests masking. We ask anyone who believes they may have been exposed to COVID-19 to self-test prior to arriving and inform us of their results. With a text or phone call, we can on a case-by-case basis, come up with a plan for the guest.

Check out the bottom of the page for special trips and Avalanche Skills Training dates.

Snowcat Skiing/Boarding Dates & Availability 2023/24

Note: Taxes will be added at the time of booking.
(*) asterisks indicate rates for specialty trips.  See below for details.

4 Day Trips

Arrival DateDeparture Date# Ski DaysPrice
Mon Dec.11Fri Dec.154$4,800
Fri Dec.29Tue Jan.24$4,800
Mon Jan.15Thu Jan.184$4,800
Sun Jan.21Thu Jan.254$4,800Contact Us
Sun Jan.28Thu Feb.14$4,800
Sun Feb.11Thu Feb.154$4,800
Sun Feb.18Thu Feb.224$4,800
Sun Mar.17Thu Mar.214$4,800Contact Us
Sun Mar.24Thu Mar.284$4,800
Thu Mar.28Mon Apr.14$4,800

3 Day Trips

Arrival DateDeparture Date# Ski DaysPrice
Tue Jan.2Fri Jan.53$3,600Contact Us
Thu Jan.4Sun Jan.73$3,600
Sun Jan.7Wed Jan.103$3,810 *Contact Us
Thu Jan.11Sun Jan.143$3,810 *Contact Us
Sun Jan.14Wed Jan.173$3,600Contact Us
Thu Jan.18Sun Jan.213$3,810 *Contact Us
Thu Jan.25Sun Jan.283$3,600
Thu Feb.1Sun Feb.43$3,600Contact Us
Mon Feb.5Wed Feb.73$3,600Contact Us
Thu Feb.8Sun Feb.113$3,600
Thu Feb.15Sun Feb.183$3,600
Thu Feb.22Sun Feb.253$3,600
Wed Feb.28Sat Mar.23$3,600
Tue Mar.5Fri Mar.83$3,600Contact Us
Fri Mar.8Mon Mar.113$3,600
Mon Mar.11Thu Mar.143$3,600Contact Us
Thu Mar.14Sun Mar.173$3,600
Thu Mar.21Sun Mar.243$3,600Contact Us
Sun Mar.24Wed Mar.273$3,600Contact Us

2 Day Trips

Arrival DateDeparture Date# Ski DaysPrice
Fri Dec.15Sun Dec.172$1,800 *Contact Us
Sun Dec.17Tue Dec.192$1,800 *Contact Us
Tue Dec.19Thu Dec.212$1,800 *Contact Us
Wed Dec.27Fri Dec.292$2,400
Sat Dec.30Mon Jan.12$2,540 *
Tue Jan.2Thu Jan.42$2,400
Fri Jan.5Sun Jan.72$2,540 *Contact Us
Sun Jan.28Tue Jan.302$2,400Contact Us
Tue Jan.30Thu Feb.12$2,400Contact Us
Sun Feb.25Tue Feb.272$2,400
Sun Mar.3Tue Mar.52$2,400
Sun Mar.17Tue Mar.192$2,400Contact Us
Tue Mar.19Thu Mar.212$2,400Contact Us

Specialty Trips

See trip rates with asterisks (*)

First Tracks Program

The best available snow in the Sea to Sky. Limited to 8 people, private lodge, snowcats and an ACMG qualified guide plus accommodation. All meals are included. 2 day trips, arrive December 15, 17 or 19.

January Hard Charging Trips

2 day weekend or a 3 day trip to ski the Hurley’s epic snow and terrain. Accommodation and meals are included. 2 day trip arrives on January 5. 3 day trips, arrive January 7, 11 and 18. 

Custom Trips

If you would like to book a custom trip please contact us with your details and we will do our best to accommodate the pow shredding, pillow dropping trip you are after.

Avalanche Skills Training

We are offering a 4-day AST 2 course from January 8th to 11th. Please contact us for details.


Guests must read and properly complete a waiver of liability prior to the start of their adventure. Please review our Waiver of Liability.

This is a very important legal document that requires you to assume responsibility, in writing, for risks associated with the backcountry activities we provide. If you unable to sign this waiver, you will not be able to participate in the trip, with no refund.

Booking Policy

Please familiarize yourself with our Booking ConditionsTerms & Conditions and Helicat Canada's guidance on risk awareness prior to booking a trip.


We strongly suggest that our guests purchase travel insurance so they don’t have to worry about being caught out should there be any incidents during their powder ripping ventures. Make sure that your insurance policy covers backcountry skiing and snowboarding. We recommend Lifestyle Financial.