Safety is our highest priority


The safety of our guests and staff is the highest priority of Backcountry Snowcats. We are continually monitoring and assessing the weather and snowpack, our guides are highly trained and experienced, and all our guests receive training as well.

Highly trained & experienced guides

Our guides are highly trained and experienced. The lead guides are professional mountain guides and members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. They also have Level 2 Avalanche certification. Their first priority is safety but they believe in deep powder and fun times too. The lead guides are assisted by tail guides. Our tail guides are trained in first aid and hold a minimum of CAA Level 1 operations Avalanche certification. Most are, or have been, professional ski patrollers. All love skiing and the mountains.

Smart decision-making

Our guides make informed decisions that minimize the risk to all. Twice a day, all staff meet for a ‘guides’ meeting’, where we discuss and determine a specific skiing and travel plan for the day. The decisions are based on our own observations, shared information, and many years of experience and training, and are constantly checked and reassessed.

Throughout the season we monitor and record the weather, snowfall, snowpack, and avalanche activity. This information is shared with the Information Exchange System (INFOEX) run by the Canadian Avalanche Centre. The sharing of information between commercial backcountry operators provides us with detailed information on weather, snow, and avalanche conditions from many regions and helps us forecast conditions in our area.

Ongoing staff & guest training

Every staff member is trained in avalanche rescue and emergency procedures. Procedures and training are reviewed and practiced continually.

You will receive training as well. All our guests are instructed in transceiver use, basic avalanche rescue, safe procedures in snowcat and snowmobile operation, and general backcountry and lodge safety. We make sure our trainings are both informative and fun.

High standards

Backcountry Snowcats is proud to be a member in good standing with Helicat Canada, the trade association of the Canadian helicopter and snowcat skiing industry. This association has strict operational standards. Our operations are reviewed regularly to ensure their standards are met.


Backcountry Snowcats has radio, satellite phone, radio phone, and satellite internet communications with the outside world.

Waiver of liability

Our number one mission is to provide a safe backcountry experience, but it is not possible to completely eliminate all risk. Guests must read and complete a waiver of liability prior to the start of their adventure. Please review a copy of our online waiver. This is an important legal document that requires you to assume responsibility for the risks associated with the backcountry activities you’ll be participating in with Backcountry Snowcats. We are happy to answer any questions you might have - please ask.